My Kid’s In Kindergarten!

So, my oldest son Morris just started Kindergarten. Some moms get so weepy eyed about their “baby” growing up and leaving the nest. Not me, Kindergarten means longer hours. Yay!

So, the first day of school went well. No sad faces. No tears. No looking back. And Morris did well too.

His cubby

He was being a tough guy and refused to take a picture walking in. “Stop annoying me mom.”

Once he saw the legos, it was a wrap…Kindergarten is certified cool by Mo

Should have known he’d fall in love the first day. This is the girl he wants to marry. She’s a cutie. Approved!

I had just asked him if he liked the little girl from the above picture.

Now he just starts making goofy faces because he is giddy about the little cutie.

Here’s to a great Kindergarten year. And hopefully, not too many girlfriends for Mo.

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