Money Mo

Morris will respond to any of the following: Mo, Mosey, Mo Mo, Doodlepop, and Mo Bear. But his current favorite is “MONEY MO“.

He is obsessed with money. He is constantly asking for new “bigger” chores to do around the house so he can make more than his weekly $5 wage. This has really been working in my favor. Just this month, in addition to his regular chores, he’s washed my car inside and out, disposed of all Bronson’s dirty diapers, killed 2 spiders for me, played the quiet game for 30 minutes, and entertained himself “independently like a big handsome kindergartner” in the morning so I could stretch in bed just a little bit longer.

He likes to sit at the table and count his money over and over. He smells it. He rearranges it. He even kisses it.

Yes, Morris loves money. He refuses to take his hard earned birthday money, allowance, and bribes to Chase. He says the bank can’t guard his wallet like he can. And Money Mo is definitely a child of his word. I peeked in on him last night and almost woke him up with my hysterical laughing when I walked in and saw this:

$$ MONEY MO $$






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