Mariah Las Vegas Concert Review

Have you ever been to a concert and there was that ONE ANNOYING PERSON?

You know, the one that stood up the ENTIRE concert, was dancing around with strangers, singing all the words out loud, and had his/her hands up clapping and waving the whole time so you could never get a good photo op?

Well, if you were at The Palms September 12, 2009 to see Mariah Carey, I feel compelled to apologize. That person was ME!!!!!!!!

Mariah is a goddess. A legend. A musical trailblazer.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with motherhood (since this is a mom blog, right?). Absolutely nothing, but I LOVE MARIAH, and it’s my blog, so you will benefit greatly from my vast adoration and love for the greatest female singer of all time. Read on…

I took Morris with me to the concert. Since he is my son, he has no choice but to love Mariah, I mean, he was genetically implanted with the same great musical taste as me.

She was nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!! Her voice sounded better than ever. She hit all the high notes, runs, adlibs, and everything else in between. There are very few female artists that can touch her vocal range and strength (if any).

The Pearl is an intimate venue inside The Palms hotel in Las Vegas. We had great seats on the floor about 8 rows back and directly in the center. In fact, my seats were sooooo good, her hubbie, Nick Canon was standing behind me and Mo for the entire show. He was also a good sport when we got his attention to show off Mo’s shirt. He actually read it and busted out laughing then gave Mo the “thumbs up”. Thanks Nick!

My favorite thing about the show is that Mariah is a singer, and that’s what she did. Although she gracefully cascaded down on a trapeze, that was the extent of the fancy stuff. There were no fireworks, big dance numbers, extensive costumes/props, or high tech theatrics. It wasn’t necessary. Just good ole singing, because let’s face it, she can sing.

I would see her a zillion times if I could. There is no other talent in the music industry with her charm, talent, and appreciation for her fans. I’m glad I could share it with my 5 year old son.

And for the record, it was a good thing that I was that annoying concert goer standing up the whole time. Otherwise, where would Morris have slept? Poor kid, just couldn’t hang. Or maybe he was just hiding from the embarrassment caused by his crazy mama. What can I say, I love Mimi!!!!!

Oh, and Mariah, please don’t be mad at me for sneaking in my Sony Cybershot. It was all for the sake of the blog, and I made sure to get all your best angles! I got you, Mimi.

This is why I had to stand the whole show. It wasn’t my fault.

Booty shot

Here’s proof Nick was behind us. He’s the one in the pink tie.

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