Big Sugar Mama

When I was a little girl I LOVED going to the dentist.

But, it wasn’t just for the “happy gas” I got every time I got a filling.

Nope, after every dentist visit, I got to go the the bakery next door, Willie’s German Bakery.

As a parent, I have somewhat mastered the art of “creative negotiation” with the the kids. So, I can appreciate my parent’s efforts of rewarding me with a trip to the bakery after enduring the dentist.

Although now, I’m wondering about the possible correlation of my having a cavity upon EVERY dental visit and my frequenting the bakery next door.

So, when I found Big Sugar Bakeshop, a great bakery in my neighborhood, it brought back so many of those joyous memories.

I take Morris and Bronson there far too often, but it’s usually more for my own culinary pleasure.

I’m a cupcake fiend, so I am head over heels for the Hummingbird cupcake. It’s an old Southern classic with bananas, nuts, pineapple, and cream cheese icing. YUM. The double coconut is dripping with moist sweet coconut, and the Boston Cream Pie has just the right amount of everything.

Another guilty pleasure are their bars. Pecan pie, lemon, and 7 layers are all regulars in my stomach. Morris loves their cookies. They always taste fresh out of the oven, and the ice cream cone shaped sugar cookies are almost too cute to eat. ALMOST!

The Big Sugar fun doesn’t stop at their excellent sweets. Their prices are soooooo reasonable. I never feel guilty for eating or spending money there.

BUT, here’s the kicker: The main factor that brings me back again and again and again and again is their SERVICE!!!!! Yes, they have great customer service.

They are always happy to see me, even with Morris and Bronson in tow about to tear the door off the hinges with my over sized B.O.B stroller. They greet me and the boys with a smile each time and never get an attitude as we curiously (and slowly) look over every dessert on display as if we have never been in there. They treat me the same when I’m wearing my sweats as they do when I’m wearing my Chanel. And that says a lot for an eatery in Los Angeles.

If you’re ever in my hood, stop by Big Sugar. Your tummy and dentist will thank you.

Oh, P.S- They always have free samples. I know you guys are like me, and I would have had you hooked at free samples!!!!!!

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