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Someone told me the words “workout gear” and “cute” should not even be used in the same sentence.

I couldn’t disagree more. Not only should it me mandatory they go together, it must also be exemplified during the workout process.

Cute workout gear is a MUST.

I hate going to the gym. I hate working out. I hate sweating. I hate wearing tennis shoes.

But, I love being healthy, playing with my kids, being alive, and wearing a bathing suit on occasion.

So, there must be a compromise. It’s cute workout gear.

There are a few Brazilian lines that I love because the material is really comfy and they use pretty colors. These lines are pretty expensive though and since I don’t enjoy working out, find it hard to justify paying so much when I’d much rather be buying a SKY dress.

BZbella is an amazing line that uses similar fabric at almost half the cost, and it’s made in the USA.

The designer is a mom who specifically wanted to create a line to celebrate women’s bodies with fun colors and design while still being functional, chic, and affordable.  YES! YES! YES! I love wearing clothes designed by moms because they just get it! Moms get what we want to hide and how we want to feel.

I wear their capris when I work out and they are amazing. They don’t ride up on you like a lot of the cotton pants (the camel toe look is not cute, especially when you’re supposed to be focused on squatting or running. Who has time to keep adjusting their pants in the crotch?). They are so comfy and soft and the material is extremely breathable so they don’t get all funky and stinky if you sweat.

I love the BZbella capris so much I wear them around town to just run errands. They feel like pantyhose on my skin and I love it. They also accentuate all the right parts so I feel great when I’m wearing them.

If you gotta work out, get BZbella, or if you just wanna LOOK like you work out, get BZbella.

Here’s a 25% off coupon: BZBwelcome

Get to shopping!!!!

My favorite, Ocean capri, I wear all the time.


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