I love listening to music.

It gets me through the day, passes the time, puts me in a good mood.

Lately I’ve noticed I do this really annoying thing when I like a song. I put it on repeat and play it over and over all day.

I play it so much that in a week I’m so sick of it I can’t stand to hear 10 bars of the song.

So, here’s my latest guilty pleasure: “My Love” by Mariah Carey and The Dream.

And of course it’s been playing the whole time I’ve been typing!!!!!!

Favorite line from the song: “you’re on my back like a shirt, get off me baby”.

I was gonna embed a copy of the video for you, but Mariah’s camp has youtube on lock. There are no bootleg copies of her videos floating around. Only the one put out by her label.

Gotta love Mimi….

Oh well, mommy’s song is playing…

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