Pay to Play

I bought tickets to a concert (MARIAH!) the other day.

I was thrilled that I could print them on my computer and have them in my hand within 5 minutes.

I was not happy that I had to pay $2.50 to do this. It makes no sense. I’m doing the work. Why do I have to pay someone else when I’m using my electricity, time, and printer ink?

Maybe that’s petty, but it’s just the principle.

It made me think about mommy and me class. Something else that I think produces a great end result, but question the process.

Don’t get me wrong, when Morris was 5 months old I was the first mom banging down The Gymboree door for entry. I didn’t want his Ivy League dreams crushed because I hesitated in his infant years.

It was a good experience and something I definitely recommend for first time parents. I really benefited from the bonding with Morris, and it was great to be around other first time parents for the socialization. The discussions helped to ease a lot of my first time parenting concerns.

Now, the second child is a whole nother avenue.

5 months came for Bronson and i sat him in his Boppy pillow in the playroom with Morris. There’s your bonding and stimulation, kid, enjoy.

I logged on facebook daily and chatted with friends-hello socialization.

Didn’t really have many parenting concerns this go round. I’m an old pro now.

But, around 10 months, the guilt started kicking in. Morris had been to 3 different mommy and me classes by this age, and poor Bronson had barely seen the world outside of his house and whatever his brother was doing.

I caved.

I took him to a local class and HATED IT.

Why was I such a scrooge? I was annoyed by all predictable questions of the parents, the silly songs gave me a headache, the “nutritional snack” was the same stuff I gave at home, and I was the one doing all the work during free play.

I can do all this (and more) from the comfort of my home for FREE!

So, I have chilled out on the mommy and me experience. Bronson gets all his daily experience organically and I am a much happier mom.

I am happily blowing bubbles and singing “Twinkle Twinkle” in mi casa for FREE!

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