My Milkshake

I must really love you guys.

I went deep into the trenches for ya’ll.

Got Milk? hosted a great event at bld, a great hip LA restaurant.

I was forced into sampling over 10 different milkshakes and an onslaught of homemade pastries.

The theme was “What a Milkshake Says About Your Personality.”

This was up Mo’s alley, so I figured I’d earn some cool points and take him.

I had more fun than he did.

He ended up playing with a slinky the whole time.

What on Earth was my kid doing???!!!

So much for my trusty assistant.

It was my mission to try all the milkshake flavors so I could report accurately to you guys.

The result of my milkshake/personality test:

Salted Caramel: For a person who is sassy and sweet.

Really? ME, sassy? Obviously, sweet, but sassy? NEVER!

Ironically, this is the absolute last one I tasted. I avoided it because I hate salt and thought it would be gross. It wasn’t. It was much better than gross. It was great.

I want one now.

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