Trader Joe’s Pear Sauce

It is very rare that I come across something edible that can be enjoyed by me, Bronson, AND Mo.

But recently I found something that can be eaten with pleasure by baby, preschooler, mom, and grandma.

Trader Joe’s Pear Sauce.

It has only 6 ingredients: Bartlett pears, water, pear juice concentrate, lime juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor. I’m not a label nut (who has time to read that crap?) but it makes me feel somewhat like a responsible mom when I’m giving the kids (and myself) something with a little nutritional substance.

The best thing about this stuff is the the texture. You know how applesauce is so mushy and slimy? The pear sauce has texture and tiny bits of pear, so there is no confusion as to if you’re drinking it or eating it.

When I worked in a nursing home, I would get so grossed out whenever I saw applesauce. The patients ate it like they were drinking soup. It was so watery and gross. I developed an aversion to it.

My only complaint about the pear sauce is that there are only 4 containers per pack. Seriously, this stuff is so good, I ate 2 cups without even blinking, and even dipped into the cup the boys were sharing. Me and Mo were were fighting over the last cup. Poor little Bronson didn’t even stand a chance. We just ignored his grunts and grimes for more like he were asking for a diaper change.

Yes, Trader Joe’s pear sauce is definitely a winner. Go get it before I beat you to it.

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