Mommy Mile High Club

I finally caved and took my first flight with the boys.

It wasn’t pretty.

I will never snarl or turn my nose up at a mom with kids on a plane again.

Where do I begin?

I could tell you about how I almost single handedly gave every passenger on flight 84 a concussion while trying to carry the stroller/car seat down the airplane aisle (Note to airplane manufacturers, please widen the aisle to accommodate these conversion chairs as well as to allow Bronson to crawl without disruption of the beverage passing process).

I could tell you about when Morris and Bronson were hanging in the back of the airplane and in my aching hip and elbow’s desperation for a break, I put Bronson down and didn’t care that he and Morris were playing with the emergency exit door lever.

I could tell you about the pile of snacks Bronson threw on the floor that could probably feed the entire state of Rhode Island.

I could tell you that Bronson’s favorite airplane activity was hanging out in the tiny closet, I mean bathroom, and exploring all the contraptions, but that would be far too embarrassing.

I could tell you about how Morris made such a scene on the airplane that the nice girl sitting next to me voluntarily gave up her seat (midflight) so Mo could be closer to me (and further from her).

I could tell you that I stopped counting at 40 regarding the number of times Bronson kicked the chair in front of him.

I could tell you how there is something about the air pressure in the cabin that makes a sippy cup erupt like Old Faithful when you open it and how my row and the entire row in front of me left smelling like warm Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk.

Oh yes, I could go on and on about the glorious tales of my travels, but I’ll let Bronson tell you more…

I’m all ready to take my first airplane nap…got my pjs on, and my blankie, just need my goodnight kiss from mommy.

yawn….Yeah, I’m gonna pass on the in flight movie.

Yeah, I got it…my seat is also a flotation device (so is mommy).

Wake me when they start passing the pretzels. GOING…



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