Mommy vs. Nora

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance being “mommy” and being “Nora.”

I realized that when I write blog entries, I am in “mommy” mode. When I’m on facebook or on the phone with a friend, I’m in “Nora” mode. Sometimes I feel bi-polar trying to balance the 2 personalities.

When I write here, I am constantly imagining that Morris and Bronson are reading and I don’t want to set a bad example or say something they might question as far as integrity or kindness goes. Then I feel like I’m setting a bad example, thus being a bad mom.

Even when I’m at the park or on a playdate with them, I find it hard balancing mommy mode and “me”. I’m constantly putting on a smile and trying to be perfect mom. Especially when I know they’re watching.

Do all moms live to please their kids like this?

But when I’m away from them, all that goes out the window. Does that make me a mommy freak?

It’s kind of hard to explain. But I hope someone knows where I’m coming from.

As a mom, I think we all tend to lose ourselves a little. It’s so easy to do.

I’m constantly telling Mo, “Don’t eat candy. It’s so bad for you. You’ll get cavities.”

But, who am I kidding? I’m secretly wanting him NOT to eat it so I can have it. I’ve got a filling in almost all my molars from my childhood love affair with purple Jolly Ranchers and pineapple and banana Now and Laters.

Or I often say, “Don’t call that kid a jerk or douche Mo, that’s inappropriate.”

But, let someone cut me off on the road, Biatch please…

I guess it’s just part of the motherhood journey. I’m still searching for my balance. I need to be a good mom, and a happy person.

How do you balance the two?

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