Something’s Fishy

We recently lost our 3rd fish in a matter of months (I feel like a fish serial killer).

Many moms have said their fish have survived for years. Really?

Chompers and Lightning Speed were victims of natural causes.

But, Lightning Puncher is another story.

While cleaning his bowl, he jumped out of the bowl and into the sink.

It seems a little odd. 

Many dog breeds are great jumpers. Kangoroos hop pretty well. Even frogs can leap great bounds.

But fish? 

I feel really bad because Morris was helping me rinse the bowl and saw it happen (does that make my 5 year old an accessory?).

Instantly, I knew I was going to have to come up with something believable. My kid is getting pretty smart and questions everything.

It made me start to think of some of the “stories” my parents told me when I was little.

“The dog got really sick and had to go away to a special doctor.”

“You can’t have those (expensive) designer clothes because you are allergic to the material.”

“Oh yeah, the tooth fairy was in a hurry and forgot to take your tooth from under your pillow, but asked us to give you this $1 bill.”

“Sorry…no boys called you today.”

So, with this in mind, I chose my tale carefully.

Me: Morris, your fish jumped down the drain because he was looking for his brother.

Morris: (crying)…I want to help him find his brother. Can I go down the drain too.

Me: No honey. He’s on his way to the ocean now.

Morris: Quick, squirt some water down the drain so he doesn’t die.

Me: (That was a pretty good idea)…ok, that will help him get to the ocean faster.

Morris: Can we drive to the ocean now and look for my fish?

Me: (this is not going so well) Um, well, the ocean is pretty big.

Morris: We could split up. You look in one section and I’ll look in another one.

Me: That might take a REALLY long time.

Morris: That’s ok. I don’t mind missing camp today.

Me: Do you want a lollipop?

I wonder how long it takes to master storytelling? I can’t just bribe him with candy all the time. Can I?

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