National Ice Cream Day

I love holidays, celebrations, and sweets.

Any chance of celebrating something, I’m on board.

You bought a new lawn mower? Let’s go out to dinner!

The new paint job on you car has survived another year? This calls for cupcakes!

You finished reading the novel you started 6 months ago? Gelatto on me!

So, when I heard about National Ice Cream Day I couldn’t wait to figure out a celebration.

There seemed to be one logical choice. I packed up the kids and headed to milk.

Milk is the brainchild of Bret Thompson, formerly of The Patina Group.

Milk is a cafe, bakeshop, and ice cream parlor rolled into one glorious location. There is something (or many things) for everyone. The kids LOVED it!

Morris got their Citrus Vanilla Float– blood orange sorbet, lime sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream, and creme soda.

I had a breakfast sandwhich, Red Velvet cupcake, Ooey Gooey double chocolate cookie, and Black Cherry Float (I got a little caught up in the moment).

Bronson had a little of everything. He’s our human 13 month old garbage disposal.

Everything was amazing.

We will definitely go back. And I’m not waiting until the next National Ice Cream Day.

Bronson can attest to the yumminess of the cupcake

Got Milk?

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