Don’t Sleep On It

Nordstrom is having it’s big Anniversary Sale. I was really excited because it’s all the Fall stuff, and I have 4 good reasons to shop this sale.

1. Morris starts Kindergarten in September and probably needs some “real” clothes (not just old shorts and tees he wore to preschool).

2. I haven’t bought Fall stuff or shoes since before I was pregnant with Bronson (yeah, it’s time).

3. They have beauty products on sale, which is rare for department store sales.

4. I “rarely” shop and I frickin deserve it.

So, the sale started at midnight PST Friday. I was going to try and stay up, but figured since prices don’t go up until August 3, I should be fine, RIGHT? 

WRONG. Here it is 6AM, and EVERYTHING I want is already gone.

*Tory Burch ballerina flats-GONE

*Riding boots, size 7-GONE

*True Religion Jeans for Mo-GONE

*Paul Frank for Mo-GONE

*Nike Shox for Mo-GONE

*Jo Malone gift set-GONE

This is worse than waiting 2 weeks before Halloween to buy a kid costume!

Mamas, take note, DON’T SLEEP on a sale. 

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