All About the Benjamins

Morris has been very interested in money lately. We were looking at a $100 bill the other day (Ya know, they’re just laying around the house like that, we normally use them as toilet paper) and asked who the guy was on it.

Morris: Mom, why is this guy’s picture on the $100 bill?

Me: Oh he did a lot of important stuff.

Morris: Like what…

Me: Hold on honey…(I had to run and google Ben Franklin because I didn’t think he was a former President, but really wasn’t sure if “discovering electricity garnered enough merit to land on the C-note, thank goodness for our speedy cable modem)…Ok son, he was a great inventor, civic activist, diplomat, and one of the Founding Fathers of the USA.

**quick history lesson, Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton ($10 bill) are the only 2 guys on dollar bills that aren’t Presidents. I had to look this stuff up. What on Earth was I doing during US History???? 

Morris: Oh, that’s cool. What’s his name?

Me: Ben…

Morris: Oh yeah, I know who he is now.

Me: (Surprised and amazed my 5 year old knew more about currency trivia than me)…Really? You do?

Morris: Yeah, Ben Kenobi.


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