Morris Has a Crush

Morris discovered the beauty of females at an early age.

Once he turned 4 years old, he started getting into “getting married”, “what girls played with me today”, and “which girls will be at the birthday party”.

Lately he has become smitten with a friend of mine. 

I must say, he has great taste. She’s a 5’10 beauty with a striking British accent. What 5 year old or 15, 25, 35, or 105 year old wouldn’t be in love with her?!

But despite that, she’s very charming, caring, outgoing, and personable. I’m almost positive it’s her inner beauty that he’s attracted to, right?

So, recently we saw her and here’s our conversation:

Morris: Mom, do you think Gwendolyn wants to take a picture with me?

Me: Of course. I think she’s been wanting to ask you for over a week.

Morris: Really? (note to self- 5 year olds don’t appreciate or understand sarcasm). Can you ask her to take a picture with me? Pulheaze…

Me: Sure.

Morris: I want you to be in it too.

Me: (flattered) Ah, that’s sweet honey.

Morris: Yeah, I’d be a little embarrassed if it were just me and her.

Me: (feeling like a seat filler) Ok.

Morris: Oh, and after the picture, can you tell me to give her a hug?

Me: (thinking my son is gonna be a little Romeo) No problem.

He was so embarrassed he couldn’t even look up.

Look at his hands. He was really nervous.

I can’t wait to see his Prom pictures. Stay tuned.

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