Boy or Girl?

Many times I hear parents comment on other children, “What a pretty little girl”, and it’s actually a boy.

I get it, some little babies look so “pretty” that strangers assume it’s a girl. Especially when the kid has a lot of hair (as in Morris’s case).

We live in a society that obsessed with “pretty” babies.

But, with a little detective work, it’s generally easy to decipher a boy from a girl despite the long locks.

Morris was always dressed in “boy” attire: blues, black, browns. Skeletons, pirates, super heroes. But it never failed, someone would always say, “she’s so pretty.

I know, it’s an honest mistake. People are just being nice.

So, when I was at the park the other day, I saw the most handsome baby boy. He was dressed in a really fancy mint green and brown outfit. He was cute and chunky and had the most beautiful bald head. The mom was holding him high and just blushing over him but you could tell she was exhausted(must be a first time mom). When she brought him over to swing next to Bronson, she looked over at me with a forced tired smiled.

I normally don’t like to talk on the swings, but I remember how nice it made me feel (especially when I was on my last leg) when someone would compliment my son.

Me: Good morning.

Tired mom with cute baby boy: Oh hi.

Me: Your son is so handsome. I love his bald head. My boys were both born with so much hair. I really get a kick out of seeing bald boys.

Tired mom with cute baby: It’s a girl.


Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut and mind my own business?

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