It’s a Boy! Again…

When it comes to hair it seems like I know what it feels like to have a girl. Morris was born with an insane head of hair.

By the time he was 1, he had a mushroom hairdo.

By the time he was 2, he was sporting a Kelly McGillis bob.

Now, at age 5, he has a curly ponytail longer than most females I know.

He uses more hair product than I do.

After trying out every brush on the health and beauty aisle, I finally made my life easier and got him a Mason Pearson brush. It was well worth the money. Curly hair looks really pretty, but it is such a pain to maintain.

So, when Bronson was born, I was perplexed that he didn’t have the same mane as morris.

Then i got happy. A boy, with actual low maintanence boy hair.

We took Bronson for his first haircut and I got so excited to see him with his little boy hairdo.

They actually got to use clippers on him as opposed to numerous hair clips, gel, and 2 types of scissors.

It took less than 5 minutes!

He didn’t even cry. He just had this “Whatchu Talkin About Willis?” look on his face the whole time.

So, I am enjoying Bronson’s boy hairstyle. And I can’t help but wonder if it will inspire Morris to cut his locks one day…..

What do you think?

Before the big haircut

AFTER!!! It’s a boy!

The next day

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