Graduation Cupcakes

I love to eat.

Potlucks excite me. Not buffets, because that food is usually old and gross.

When Morris graduated, the school announced we would be doing a potluck. I had to make sure I signed up early.

Although the cheapskate and lazy mom in me REALLY wanted to sign up for napkins, I went out on a limb and did cupcakes.

I don’t come from a family of bakers. My parents were more of a store bought kind of sort. So, I was getting nervous about what to take. I really wanted to do something special, so I headed to one of my favorite cupcake sites. I was so happy when I saw her graduation cupcakes.  They seemed easy enough.

Here’s how they came out.

SO…they don’t look as fancy as Smiley’s, but I think they did the trick.

This is classic Nora-I can never just stick with the recipe. I always deviate and just have to throw in my own touch.

I tried to pipe on “’09”, as in Class of ’09, but it ended up looking  like “bo” written backwards.

No worries, I gave these to the little siblings since most of them can’t read.


*I always substitute applesauce for the vegetable oil, especially when I’m making them for kids. It not only makes them a tad healthy, it also makes them a little more moist.

*I used chocolate covered graham crackers, M&Ms (you could also do Skittles, but Morris liked the “M” on top), and Fruita Bu for the tassel. They’re on top of Rolo’s (because our school is nut free, except for a couple kooky parents…hee hee) Otherwise, use Reese’s Cups.

*I was so nervous about these coming out decent and getting all the prep ingredients that I forgot to buy proper cupcake holders. But no one seemed to notice the Christmas cupcake holders I used.

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