I Love Preschool

Morris just graduated from PreK. 

I wasn’t one of those weepy, sentimental crying moms. I was actually very happy for him.

It was an interesting 4 year journey.

He started the mommy and me program at 16 months (I had to get that kid out of the house!) and has been there ever since.

I’ve enjoyed watching his growth from one of the smallest/youngest boys in the class to one of the loudest and toughest in the bunch.

I am excited for him to experience school and the world without me helicoptering over him. I feel he has been taught the skills and values he needs, now it’s time to let him make the right and wrong choices on his own.

Ironically, I think I will miss the warmth and comfort of his preschool more than he.

Living in Los Angeles, the city ruled by the beautiful people, Oscar nominees, and high rollers, I was nervous about finding a preschool environment that would accomodate my Southern beliefs and personality. I was looking for an intimate, fun loving place that believed learning is organic and done via play.

I was thrilled to find a great place that offered this and so much more.

I am proud to say that I know every child in Morris’s class. 

I know what boys like super heros and which like Star Wars.

I know what girls like princesses and which like Barbie.

I know what boys like princesses and which girls like super heros.

I know every child, parent, and nanny by first name and what kind of car they drive.

I have been fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful,loving, and caring group of parents. They have served as wonderful resources and friends (I realized moms are like walking yellow pages-they know a resource for everything).

Being around great parents has helped to make me a better parent as well.

I would be naive to think every school experience will be as positive and nurturing as the PreK years have been for me. The teachers have been so knowledgeable and non-judgemental. They made me feel like my every question and concern were really sound and reasonable (although I’m sure they have heard it a thousand times over!). I appreciate the love and time they put into Morris and treated him as an individual. They allowed him to grow and learn at his own pace.

First day of preschool

Last day of preschool



1. He comes home wearing only underwear (sometimes they’re not even his).

2. He is “allowed” to color trees purple and orange, and the grass can be red and yellow.

3. Potty words are allowed…in the bathroom.

4. The teachers are called by first name (no formalities here).

5. Playing in the mud, rain, dirt, and paint is not only allowed, but encouraged.

6. The emphasis is on learning through play; Morris doesn’t even know what a ditto is.

7. Parents are encouraged to bring in recyclable items to be used as art. Once, Morris brought home a sculpture made entirely of wine corks (LACMA, here we come).

8. My son is a kind, loving, independent thinker because his first 4 years of learning have been filled with tolerance, acceptance, nurturing, and play.




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