Michael Jackson Inspired My 3 Year Old

No one can deny the musical talent of Michael Jackson.

He will forever be a music icon.

A legend.

It is all well deserved.

His musical abilities have inspired many, young and old.

How many artists can say during their career they have sold 8 tracks, cassettes, vinyl records, cds, mp3s, VHS, dvds, AND digital downloads?

Morris discovered the music of Michael Jackson when he was 3 years old.

He saw the Thriller video and was hooked.

You’re probably questioning the parenting of someone whose 3 year old was watching Thriller. I can’t even watch it, but Morris has had a fascination with scary things since he was 3. He wanted to dress up as Michael Jackson from the Thriller video for Halloween that year. I searched far and wide for one of those Thriller jackets, but couldn’t find one.

So, Morris moved on to Plan B. He dressed up as the Thriller werewolf for Halloween.

Let’s see, 1st Halloween, he was a strawberry.

2nd Halloween, he was Elmo.

Third Halloween, werewolf from the Thriller video? WTH?

You can imagine the curious stares we got at the costume stores inquiring for a werewolf costume for a 3 year old. I ended up ordering one online. It was really big. Surprise surprise…they don’t make werewolf costumes for toddlers.

The legacy and music of Michael Jackson will continue to live on for many generations.

Perhaps one day Morris will have children and he will tell them how at age 3 he dressed up as a werewolf from the Thriller video, and they will say, “Hot Grandmama is pretty cool.”

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