Sweetharts Hits a Sour Note

When I heard sweet harts was opening in my neighborhood, I was overjoyed.

It’s a self-serve frozen yogurt, baked goodies and candy store rolled into one.

It’s owned by Melissa Joan Hart, of Sabrina The Teenage Witch fame.

I knew I would be a tough sale because I LOVE anything that has a higher content of sugar and fat than protein and fiber.

To ensure I was being fair in my review, I made TWO trips there.

On my first trip, I took both boys. Upon walking in, I was in awe of the decor: luxurious damask wallpaper, glowing chandeliers, and amazing lucite tables with replica candy inside. Absolutely stunning. Not to mention nostalgia candy to fend off any candy craving.

My euphoria quickly hastened however as Bronson needed to be in a high chair: ASAP. No high chairs to be found. Urg. Not good. I was able to distract him with samplings from the self-serve frozen yogurt. But, felt glaring stares from the unfriendly staff. Wait a minute, isn’t this place targeted towards kids? They sure aren’t giving off very Disney-esque vibes.

The yogurt was average, nothing special. There were a few toppings, but not as many as the froyo place down the street.

We ate and left. Unimpressed.

I was really disappointed. I wanted to like the place. It had all the makings of a perfect spot for me to enjoy as well as the kids. A few weeks later, we tried again, but just Morris and I.

I was pleased to see they had one high chair this time.

I noticed 4 employees standing behind the counter as we parked. The store was empty, so I was certain we would get their undivided attention. I knew this trip would be much better.


We were greeted with an unenthusiastic and rehearsed, “Welcome to sweet harts.” I don’t even think they made eye contact. What’s wrong with these people? They are surrounded by Bottlecaps, Tootsie Rolls, Band-Aid bubble gum, froyo, cupcakes, cake…the list goes on and on. They should be be bouncing off the walls with joy and happiness.

We stood at the gelato case neglected for a few minutes while the FOUR employees finished an intense discussion (probably about American Idol or something else Earth shattering). Morris and I both got gelato. I got strawberry cheesecake, he got mango. He seemed pleased with his. Mine tasted worse than spoiled goat milk. It had freezer burn and tasted old.

Now, understand, I’m a gelato fan. I go to various gelato places to taste and compare all the fancy displays with the elaborate fresh fruit and toppings displayed on top. The sweet hart gelato wasn’t good to the palette, and it wasn’t pleasing to the eye. Hard to imagine, since the store decor was so fabulous.

I hate to be a killjoy, but this place just didn’t do it for my taste buds. They have a great luxurious atmosphere, but the food and customer service simply don’t measure up. And when I’m eating something so pleasing as sweets, I not only want it to taste good, but I also want to feel welcome.

I know this is LA where many people are impressed because somewhere is either owned by a celebrity or frequented by celebrities. Neither impresses me. When I go somewhere to eat food, I’m impressed if it tastes good. Perhaps if they eliminate the gelato from the glass case and try selling some sweaters and jeans, I would like it better. The store is beautiful, but that’s about it for me.

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