Jimmy Choo….Coming Soon!

Mommies and daddies, hold on to your diaper bags. You are NOT gonna believe this.

Tamara Mellon, mother, founder and President of Jimmy Choo has announced that Jimmy Choo will be designing a line of bags, shoes and clothing to be sold at select H & M stores.

This new Jimmy Choo line is set to debut November 14.

But wait…there’s more. They are also gonna do a line of shoes, bags, and accessories for MEN.

That’s right ladies. No more hiding those shopping bags in the car trunk.

Or pretending those new Poppy strappy sandals were an old pair of shoes you just “happened” to find the other day in the back of the closet. “These old things honey?”

Ladies, follow my lead:

Me: Hi honey. How was your day?

Dad: Not so great. Lots of work at the office (blah blah blah).

Me: Well, here’s something to cheer you up. I got you a great new pair of Jimmy Choos for you to wear to work tomorrow. You can break them in by kicking your boss’s ass in them.

Dad: Ah sweetie (kiss kiss). You’re the best.

Me: That’s not all. I even got you a stylin Jimmy Choo accessory bag to match your new shoes.

Dad: You shouldn’t have. Wow. You’re the best.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Dad: Seriously, you should go out and get yourself something too.

Me: Well, now that you mention it…(you know how the the rest of this story goes).


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