What’s the Difference between 24 months and 2T clothing?

Morris was chunky baby, short and fat.

Bronson is the opposite, long and lean.

Basically as far as a baby comparison, Morris is Theodore, Bronson is Simon (and I’m Alvin?).

So here’s the big question:



I scoured the internet for some intelligent and logical answer, but couldn’t find one. I think sizes and cuts vary from each manufacturer, but here are some general tidbits I kept hearing from moms:

*Clothing companies do 2 lines: a baby line and a toddler line. 24 months falls into the baby line, 2T in the toddler line.

*Since 24 months is in the baby line, there are usually snaps to make diaper changes easier. 2T generally does not have snaps or zippers in the crotch region (are there kids really potty trained by the time they’re 2? WOW).

*24 months tend to be wider to accomodate a diaper. 

This seemed to summarize it best:

The 24 month sizes are more baby-shaped, so they are wider around the trunk. 2T is for children who have started moving around, so they are leaner. 

Again, everything varies depending on the manufacturer. 

So, in addition to worrying about getting a good night’s rest, taking a shower, sneaking in a meal, parents can add trying to decipher which size to buy to the list of parental headaches.

Parents, let’s ban together and start an uprising against these clothing companies for the added confusion. We need to let them understand our frustration.

But let’s do TWO uprisings:

*One like a 24 month old

*One like a 2 year old toddler (2T) 

Then let’s see if the clothing companies can tell the difference.


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