Pocket Protector

I am obsessed with pockets.

Seriously. I can’t wear pants without pockets on them. I DON’T wear pants without pockets on them. They can’t be those little wimpy pockets either. The ones that when you sit down the tampon you were discreetly hiding comes jutting out.

This also means I rarely wear dresses. Unless it has a pocket on it. But how many dresses have pockets on them (LaRoc makes a few cuties).

My pocket obsession has crossed the lower extremity demographic.

I am now obsessed with only wearing shirts with pockets. I know it sounds nerdy. I’m not talking about an Oxford button down with the weird top pocket over your boob.

I’m talking about something much better. I mean a REAL DEAL pocket that also serves as a pooch cover. The big pocket that extends from one end of my non-existent 6-pack to the other.

I probably have over 200 shirts, but only alternate between the choice 5 shirts that all have this awesome compartment for me to store my life (and cover the pooch).

You’re probably saying, “why don’t you just carry a purse?”

That would be the logical answer, especially since I own an arsenal of purses. Not to mention an onslaught of diaper bags that I INSISTED I REALLY needed. But it’s something about the convience of having everything I need right at hand (it’s really the pooch cover up I like).

Get a load of all the necessities that I can stuff in my pooch cover.

Wise up ladies. This is the wave of the future. It sure beats wearing a fanny pack.

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