Life’s A Beach

Hooray! Bronson likes the beach.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is HUGE in my book.

Ever since Morris was a baby he despised water: rain, baths, tears, anything. (Imagine the kid with long curly hair hating to have his hair washed. It’s a far worse nightmare than anything Freddie Krugar could conjure up). Finally, after 36 LONG, DRY months, he conquered his fear of water with an amazing swimming teacher.

Me, I’m a total water girl. I’m a sun worshipper. I could live at the beach.

So, on Bronson’s first trip to the beach I was so happy that he practically jumped out of my arms to nosedive into the ocean waves. Hooray. My water baby.

I am sooooo loving this.

Hey, get me back to the water.

I thought you said there would be hot chicks in Salt Swimwear here.

DUH, mom….of course I like the beach.

Mom, this is kind of embarrassing. Neither one of us is in proper beach attire.



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