New Mom Next Door

Alright gang, there’s a new Hot Mama in town and we need to welcome her with open arms.

Kendra Wilkinson of “The Girls Next Door” announced her pregnancy on her blog.

And, she gave a special shout out to all the moms:

all of you mommies out there are going to have to give me tips on all the important baby preparations…remember, im a first timer here haha.  ive been reading all of the books but these books arent going to tell me everything so i definitely would appreciate your advice!”

That’s all I need, someone giving me permission to dole out advice and info. Get ready for an earful Kendra. So, here’s a few tips to get Kendra going:

1. Tell Hef to book you on a cover shoot in a couple of months. Your boobs will be getting much bigger. That issue is guarenteed to fly off the shelves. Consider the enhanced boobs a gift from your baby for what he/she will do to you and your body over the next few months.

2. Keep dancing on your stripper pole as long as possible, especially those inverted moves like the Snake and Descending Angel. They will help keep your baby in the right position so he/she isn’t breech.

3. You can still party at The Mansion, but stay out of the Grotto. Sitting in warm water/jacuzzis too long can elevate your body temperature too high for the baby, plus increase your risk for innfections “down there.” (Not to mention who knows what else is going on in that Grotto).

4. Whatever baby advice you get from Hef, Holly, and Brigette, do the OPPOSITE.

You can catch Kendra on her new show, “Kendra” at 10PM Sunday on E!

That should be enough to get Kendra started. Anything else moms?

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