Parental Relay

The other night we had dinner with 3 other families.

We all took our kids.

No nannies. No help.

Mostly boys.

8 adults. 9 kids (6 preschoolers, 3 kids age 2 and under).

We were outnumbered (in many ways).

The bill was over $600 (the restaurant probably charged us 30% gratuity for clean up, crowd control, and incidentals).

I don’t remember what I ordered. I don’t even think I got a chance to eat. I’m not sure I even had an adult conversation.

I sat next to a lovely 5 year old girl, and a handsome 1 year old stud.

The best part of the meal was watching all the moms and dads tag team with the kids while one could eat and the other “entertain”  the kid outside the restaurant (keep the kid from destroying the eating establishment).

It was pretty funny.

Onlookers without kids would only shake their heads.

“Why are these parents running back and forth?”

“Why are they letting their kids crawl around the hotel lobby floor?”

“Why is it so hard for these boys to just sit down in a nice restaurant and eat their Filet Mignon?”

“Why are the boys running around screaming ‘penis! vagina! jerk! at us?”

I’m ordering in next time.

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