Tick Tock

Where does all the time go? I try and get both of the boys in bed by 7:30 PM each night. Nice, right?

One without kids might think, “Easy life. You have the rest of the night to yourself.”

Aren’t we laughing at those unsuspecting suckas?

Any parent knows, the night only BEGINS once the kids go to bed.

Now that they are asleep, I can finally start crossing off my endless “to do list.”

Oh wait, that’s AFTER I pick up all the superheros and legos on the floor so I don’t step on them and bust my butt at 2 AM when I instinctively wake up and go peek on the sleeping boys to make sure they’re alright.

Oh yeah, and maybe I should put away the dirty dishes from dinner. And while we’re on the subject of dinner, it might be nice to take a few bites of food myself, especially since I’m still nursing 3 times a day and haven’t eaten since that granola bar and goldfish I found stuck to my shirt.

And of course the bathroom is a mess from bathtime…dirty clothes, toothpaste on the sink, and why didn’t I put Bronson’s stinky diaper in the trash OUTside? P-U.

Do I really want to walk all the way outside and throw this out…wait, what is Morris’s lunchbox doing out on the patio? It still has snack in it from lunch and now I need to clean it out so it doesn’t attract bugs. And while, I’m cleaning it, I might as well pack his snack for tomorrow. We know how crazy mornings can get.

When i’m done with that, I better grab the laundry so Morris has something clean to wear to school in the morning.

Ok, so now I need to write my blog for tomorrow, check facebook, and send some emails (oh yeah, and stop by tmz and see what celebrity is adopting, going to rehab, eating at Mr. Chows, and getting arrested).

But before i do that, what time is it? 11 PM already????!!!!!

I haven’t even put my pajamas on or watched tv yet. The dvr is going to be full soon if I don’t stop neglecting it. I’m so behind on my Real Housewives NJ and sick of reading all the spoilers on twitter and facebook.

What’s that noise? Oh PLEASE tell me Bronson isn’t teething again. Go back to sleep big boy, go back to sleep (fingers crossed).

Is it me, or does the night seem to go by quicker than the day?


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