Angelina and Bronson


Why is Angelina so mysterious? I need to get to know a little more about that chic. Seriously, she and Bronson could possibly share a special bond.

What do Angelina Jolie and Bronson have in common?

Luscious lips? Yes. 

Stunning good looks? Yes.

Academy Award? Maybe one day.

No, Angelina isn’t adopting Bronson.

They share the same birthday.

This is interesting to me. I am not superstitious, or an astrology freak, but I am a believer in many traits and characteristics of one’s zodiac sign.

Morris has the same birthday as Naomi Campbell. We’ve already discussed the ahem, certain tempermental similarities between the two. However, I’m sure there is also an extraordinarily  compassionate and sensitive side of Ms. C that she shares only with a select few, as does Morris.

So, when I discovered Bronson shares a birthday with Angie, I started to wonder what her personality is like in hopes of getting a glimpse of what’s down the road for me to expect with my soon to be 1 year old boy.

She seems pretty private, so maybe if I give ya’ll my synopsis of Bronson, it will shed some light on what Angie’s like. 

1. Bronson is very playful and friendly…around people he knows (especially family).

2. He LOVES to eat and is happiest with food in his mouth.

3. He has the craziest, funniest laugh, and definitely a great sense of humor.

4. He has an insane connection to his brother (he even cries whenever he sees or hears Morris cry).

5. He is pretty adaptable to most situations and places.

6. He does not like to wear shoes, socks, or a lot of clothes.

7. He is not an impulsive baby. He is pretty coordinated and seems to survey everything before he gets into something new. (He won’t just start knocking everything off the counter for no reason. He inspects all the objects, looks up/down/all around, checks me out and sees what I’m doing, THEN he knocks everything off the counter).

So, how did I do Brad? We can just discuss it over dinner.

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