Want Mariah’s Dress?

The #1 female singer of all time is at it again.

My BFF, personal confidant, and (unsuspecting) Godmother to my sons, MARIAH CAREY is helping to raise money and awareness for Susan G. Komen

My girl had a contest for aspiring designers to design a dress inspired by her perfume, Luscious Pink. The winner’s design was brought to life and only 3 copies of his design were made.

One for Mariah, which she wore out to dinner around her one year wedding anniversary to hubbie Nick Cannon.

One dress was given to the designer.

And the third was given to her BFF, ME!  

Ok, not really. The 3rd dress is being auctioned off to benefit Susan G. Komen. Hurry and get your bids in. The auction ends May 30 at 9:27 PDT. The bidding opened at $550 and was up to $10,000 last time I checked. Please note, Nick Cannon does not come with the dress, but I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting attention in this pink stunner.

I would bid on the dress, but they don’t make enough Spanx to get me into that.

Mariah lends herself to so many charities, causes, and does tons of things for her well deserved adoring fans. About 5 years ago she auctioned one of her diamond anklets for charity. I wanted it SO bad, but I forgot when the auction ended and missed out on the bidding. And you guys KNOW I am an auction MASTER. That anklet was MINE.

Anyway,  hurry over and get your bids in for the dress.

And you guys thought Mariah was just gorgeous eye candy with a killer 8-octave voice (they say the same thing about me all the time). 

Love ya Mimi.

Call me.

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