Party at Menchie’s

Mo just turned 5 and knew exactly where he wanted to have his party at: MENCHIE’S.

Since Bronson’s 1st birthday was just 2 weeks away, I really wanted something low key that didn’t require a lot of planning.

Boy, did I hit the jackpot! Menchie’s is a self-serve frozen yogurt parlor. You choose your yogurt flavor(s)-of course after you generously sample all 10, add your own toppings, and eat.

There’s a brand new Menchie’s that just opened down the street and it has a private party room.

The owners are amazingly friendly and accomodating.

We were the first birthday party at a newly opened location. Morris and his PreK class were more than equipped to break it in.

There’s a huge chalkboard in the party room that the kids had fun drawing on. Good thing they can’t spell potty words yet.

The quiet before the storm….They have NO idea!

Dun, dun, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun (I’m humming the Star Wars theme).

“I wish for a kiss from ALL the girls here (except mommy, YUCK)…….”

The kids were kept busy coloring their own tshirt and getting Menchie’s tattoos (oh yeah, and eating froyo!).

“Can we come back to Menchie’s tomorrow?”


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