Field Trip

Morris had a field trip today. Good times, right? Well, for him. For me, an added headache of things I have to find/do at too early an hour. Although they are all menial tasks, it’s funny how something so small turns into such a big ordeal.

1. Be at school at 8 AM SHARP– Normally, they arrive between 8:15-9 AM. If you’re a parent, I don’t even need to tell you what a difference an hour makes. An hour in mom time is equivalent to 3 hours non-kid having time. It means brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and getting dressed needs to be condensed into a smaller time frame. Not to mention this is the ONE day Morris decides he’d like to indulge and sleep in. Figures.

2. Bring a disposable lunch– And I thought keeping up with and maintaining the daily lunch box was hard. Who in the world has those little brown sacks laying around the house? Does anyone even sell those things anymore? To make matters worse, I bought some superhero brown bags a couple months ago, and now I am racking my brain trying to figure out where I hid them. I always end up hiding things from Morris AND myself.

3. Send $5 to school– I wonder how pennies will go over. 

4. Wear your school t shirt– I should be able to find this pretty easily, but if you scroll down and notice the photo of my bed with the laundry on it, it’s probably self explanatory. 

Just another day…

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