Got Milk/Toma Leche

got milk?/Toma Leche hosted a wonderful event at Estilo, the salon home to Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes’s amazing hair stylist Robert Ramos.

Robert does an amazing job at maintaining Jessica’s locks, surely he could give me some insight on how to tame my bird nest of a disaster.

I got more than I bargained for with Robert. Not only did he give me some sound styling tips, he offered some great solutions to control Morris’s curly locks.

He makes an amazing Spray Leave-In.  It’s made with green tea, horsetail, and aloe. I’ve been using it and it really keeps the frizz away, helps with his detangles, and makes it manageably soft. Seriously, I know I sound like a 30 second shampoo spot, but Morris uses more hair product than Fonzie, Uncle Jesse, and the T-Birds combined. This stuff really helps me brush it and it doesn’t get sticky. Best of all, it doesn’t stink! It smells really good, so it gets Morris’s approval.

The got milk? folks had an abundance of milk beverages on hand mixed by a barista. I have sampled many of their recipes at home, and was happy they were serving up my favorite: Tres Leches Iced Latte. It’s so good. Morris and I were arm wrestling for the last swig.

Milk provided the yummiest little desserts. I love little bite sized cupcakes, cookies, and pastries. So much so, that I don’t feel as guilty when I eat 20 or so of each. I can’t wait to go and try their restaurant, and of course grab a few (hundred) of their desserts.

All in all, it was a lovely night out, but I enjoyed it most of all, because Morris was with me (and able to help me smuggle out extra Milk desserts and an extra Tres Leches Iced Latte). Gotta teach ’em young.

Morris has his eye on the prize and I instructed him to put 2 of each in his pocket.

Morris and I enjoyed manicures, but I opted out of the electric blue polish he chose.

Don’t we look like one happy family?

Robert Ramos, super nice and talented guy. Next time I see him, I’ll try and get him to dish some good gossip. Didn’t wanna bombard the guy on our first meeting. 🙂

My BFF, Robert is saying, “I’m a hair sylist, not a magician honey. And who told you gray roots were in style?”

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