Cute as a Button

I am exhausted.

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with teething, breastfeeding, or night wakings.

It’s 100% my fault.

The past couple of nights I have been watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Man, is that movie long? Or has my movie watching stamina diminished since having kids?

The boys are usually in bed by 7:30 PM. I’m not far behind them at about 9-9:30PM. So, staying up to 11 PM (gasp) is a wild night out for me. But, I must admit, it was totally worth it.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie that made me laugh, cry, and close my eyes all in one. Being from the South, I got a kick out of the accents and scenarios that one from the South can definitely appreciate (like the church scene where the pastor “heals” Brad Pitt out of his wheelchair and he becomes ambulatory).



But, the most interesting discovery I had from this movie was the fact that I found Brad Pitt much more attractive and appealing as a tiny old man than as a hunky heart throb. Maybe it’s from working in geriatrics for 7 years. I love old people. They have a sweet, honest, sincerity that is reminiscent of my kids.

So, People Magazine, take note. Brad Pitt can still grace your “50 Most Beautiful People” cover 35 years from now.

And, if you haven’t seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, check it out. Just grab your tissue and Red Bull.

**OH, I realize this movie was released quite some time ago, but I’ve got 2 kids. Who has time to go to the movies? It took me a whole week to find time to watch it, and 2 nights just to view the whole thing….thank you.**

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