Mommy, I Love You

Morris’s school had the cutest Mother’s Day celebration. The kids baked muffins and scones, created lovely tablescapes with custom art projects, and made Mother’s Day cards and broaches. But, the best part was the concert. A medley of 4 songs sung by all the kids.

This is my favorite song for 2 reasons:

1. It’s called Mommy, I Love You.

2. Morris wouldn’t look at me during the first 3 songs and was sort of goofing off. I kept trying to get his attention but he couldn’t see me (was ignoring me). But for this particular song, the teacher instructed them to “look directly at your mom and sing it to her like you really mean it.” And he actually looked at me the whole time.

It just goes to show you, usually they don’t listen to mom, but they ALWAYS listen to the teacher.




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