CARE on Mother’s Day

My mom (Hot Mama Grandma Tee) told me about CARE’s Wall of Mothers.

Here is their message:

Believe it or not, a mother dies every minute from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. In fact, in many countries where CARE works, a girl is more likely to die in pregnancy than to finish secondary school. 

We know that if all women could have access to family planning and obstetric care, maternal mortality could be significantly reduced. That’s why CARE is working to help make pregnancy and delivery safe for women everywhere.

You can  upload your picture to CARE’s Wall of Mothers, an interactive online photo gallery. You can also write a special message for mothers everywhere to appear with your picture. 

It is so easy to do, and it’s fast and FREE. Of course I wrote something goofy and corny, but here is someone’s message that really touched me:

“We are diminished as children of the Great Mother if only one of us is denied freedom and care. Reaching out is not just something we do for others. It is something we do for ourselves.”   -Gary Nichols

You can read other messages from moms, sons, daughters, and dads. Grab a tissue though. It’s really touching.

Then you can send a FREE ecard with a Mother’s Day message to all your loved ones while promoting and supporting CARE’s quest to save the lives of mothers around the globe.

Together, we can spread awareness about CARE’s poverty-fighting programs and help build a healthier future for all.

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