Swine Flu 411- How to Protect Your Family


One of the most interesting things about being a mom is how quickly we go into “protective” mode. Did you see Joan Rivers on the Apprentice?

I can’t even judge her. I cringe as I imagine a Decatur, GA version of Morris against the Donald in the boardroom. They would cut to a commercial so fast as I lunge over the table for that hairpiece (but I promise to do it gracefully while being smart, stylish, and strong to make sure I represent Hot Mama well).

So, with the all the latest news of the Swine Flu, it’s only natural for us to have concerns about protecting our families.

Breezymama provides great and easy to read information regarding Swine Flu. A Pediatrician discusses the symptoms, treatment and why the sudden panic. 

Here is the great interview on how to protect and treat Swine Flu for you and the kids. Check out her other entries too. She also has other useful information and updates regarding Swine Flu.



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