Whatchu Looking At?

So, I’m at the checkout line in the grocery store and I ask the cashier a question. She ignores me.

I’m thinking, “helloooooo….where is the customer service?”

She is not looking at me when I’m talking to her. Her eyes are fixated below my neck.

I’m thinking, “is this chick checking out my boobs?”

No, her eyes are even lower.

I’m thinking, “dang, is she staring at my potbelly? I’ve had 2 kids. Give me a break.”

No, she’s looking in my purse (which is laying on the counter as I dig for my money).

Since I have kids, I’m constantly throwing odds and ends in my purse to entertain them while we are out in public.

You know, a travel size etch a sketch, drawing tablets, Hot Wheels cars, stickers. So I didn’t think twice when I threw this in my bag. Guess the cashier doesn’t have kids, because she was shocked beyond belief…



I can only imagine what you think it is, but it’s a finger…as in, “pull my finger.” And what’s worse than what it looks like, is when you pull it, it makes a farting sound.

Of course, Morris thinks this is right up there with Ace Ventura’s talking butt, so it easily entertains him for 4-5 seconds.

Thanks dad. Great Christmas present. Can’t wait to see what Santa stuffs in my stocking this year.

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