Hire a Stripper

Everyone (normal) dreads their high school reunion. Andrea Wachner was no different. She has a funny story about her 10 year high school reunion. And it’s almost as good as Romy and Michelle’s.

Andrea went to  Palos Verdes High School, which is pretty much in an upscale area and directly on the Pacific Ocean. It’s just minutes from Pepperdine University and Malibu, CA. (I’m impressed anyone can graduate from a school so close to the beach!)

Andrea decided to hire Crickett, a Los Angeles stripper to impersonate her. She wanted to see the reactions of her Mercedes Benz and BMW driving alumni when they found out the sterotyped “drama geek” was now a stripper. Andrea was in a nearby hotel room where she was able to coach Crickett via wireless radio, TV cameras and a monitor.

Perhaps the “drama geek” will get the last laugh. She is currently trying to sell a reality TV show from the experience, has appeared on CNN, and is scheduled to be on ABC’s morning chat show “Good Morning America” next week.

This was a briliant idea! Where ya at Crickett?  I’ve got my 20 year reunion in 2012. Watch out HHS.



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