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All hail tv commercials and advertising.  Morris has become a “holiday junkee.” For Halloween, he wanted to turn our home into a haunted house and sell tickets to all the neighbors (and weirdos of LA). 

At Christmas, he wanted to do a cookie decorating party for his preschool homies.

For Valentine’s Day, he wanted to have a Sweetheart Dance for who else, all his sweethearts.

All great ideas in theory, but President Mommy managed to veto them all without much protest. But, when the Easter ads started airing and the jelly beans hit the shelves, Morris really wanted to host an Easter Brunch. This seemed like something that was actually doable.

He planned his guest list and activities.  We worked together to create a festive menu.  Ok, I’m totally lying.  It started out as his vision, but I totally took over and became obsessed once it came to the decor and food.  I decided it would be tacky to serve all store bought food (gasp) for the brunch (4 and 5 year olds really know the difference, right?).

So, I dug deep for a couple recipes that would take me back to my Southern roots. One had Bisquick as it’s main ingredient (you Yankees probably don’t know about that). And another recipe by the Southern cooking queen, Paula Dean.

I came across a great recipe for a homemade coffee cake on another mom’s blog. Not only are there step by step directions, but also easy to follow pictures (for those of us that never actually READ the instructions). She assured all the readers that it was EASY (moms NEVER lie on a blog, right?).  Thank goodness she was right. It looked and tasted as if I’d been up since sunrise, but I had actually prepared it the night before then popped it in the over an hour before the guests arrived.

Who could not love a recipe that has BUTTER, CREAM CHEESE, SHRIMP, and ONIONS in it? These are 4 of my favorite ingredients and one of my favorite appetizers to serve. It’s called “Shrimp Butter“, but should probably be called “Butter With a Little Bit of Shrimp.” The recipes calls for TWO sticks of butter, but I cut the recipe in half because it makes a lot, and well, I just can’t ever seem to follow a recipe exactly.  I don’t know why I think I know so much.

Bring on the 4th of July.

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