Got Milk? Oh Yeah, Baby.

So moms, do you want a cheap, easy, quick way to ease symptoms for PMS, insomnia, cavities, and muscle atrophy?

Seriously, you should all smack yourselves for not knowing this…I did. It’s MILK! We all know the saying, “milk does a body good” but I never realized just how good til I came across this study on GOTMILK’s website.

It basically found that women who consumed 1,200 mg calcium a day had PMS SYMPTOMS CUT IN HALF!

Newflash: There has been a flood of husbands to local grocery stores purchasing record numbers of milk by the gallon.  We now return to your scheduled program already in progress…

That means by getting a good daily intake of milk, you could be less irritable, weepy, and depressed; and fewer backaches, cramping, and bloating.  Dang! I had no idea milk could do all of that. When word of this gets out on the street, milk is gonna be the new “mom crack.”


Growing up, I could never drink milk plain, I always had to spruce it up. So now, making a latte at home is one of my favorite ways to get my calcium (and combat PMS, not that I ever get PMS dammit, just leave me alone).

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes developed by award-winning baristas for Got Milk(BTW, I’m so proud of you for reading this much. I thought you’d still be staring at David…or Rebecca. There’s a beautiful picture of Laila below, so keep reading):





Tres Leches Iced Latte


6-8 oz of  whole milk

1 oz. of sweetened condensed milk

2 oz. of strong, brewed coffee or expresso (I don’t drink coffee, so I omitted this one)

1 stick of cinnamon

1 pinch of cinnamon

12 ice cubes

Mix 1 ox. of condensed milk with 2 oz. of strong brewed coffee/expresso. Mix it with the cinnamon stick then add 6-8 oz of whole milk. Serve over ice.

Vanilla Chai Latte


2 tbsp. loose leaf Chai tea

1 oz. vanilla

6-8 oz. of milk

-Steep the chai tea in 6-8 oz of hot milk for 3 minutes. Once it’s steeped, add 1 oz. of vanilla and mix.

As moms, we are always telling our kids to drink their milk. Now it’s time for us to do the same. Drinking milk is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do something good for your body (and your spouse’s sanity).

I know how hard it gets between packing snacks, playdates, and carpools to take a minute and do something good for ourselves, but try and squeeze in a glass of milk.  Otherwise, I’m gonna have to send Becks personally to pour you a glass!

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