Say Cheese: Take 227…

I never realized what a task it is for a mom to take a decent picture with her 2 kids.  Now I know why there are no pictures of me with the boys.  It just takes too much work.  Wow, you would have thought we were shooting for Cosmo with all the shots we were taking.  Here’s a peek…and these are the “good” ones!

If only I could get Bronson to look…

“Why does Morris look fuzzy?”

“Morris looks like he’s disappearing Mommy.”

“Wait a minute, now what’s happening to ME?”

“Isn’t this a great time to sing ‘You’re a Jerk’.”

“Seriously mom, we’d rather be playing Princess than taking pictures.”

“Look at that cool sticker on brother’s shirt. It says 1:30PM.”

“Look over there brother…it’s Spiderman.”

“I’m throwing up my peace sign for my homies.”

“I know, get a shot of my hair.”

“Traditional poses suck…get a picture of my butt!”

“Oh wait, let me see if my penis is still down there.”

“Maybe it’s over here, and who stuffed a watermelon in mommy’s shirt?”

“MOM! Your boob is blocking the flash. Let me shield it with my head.”

“Wait a minute, what did you say?…We get a popsicle if we take a nice picture?.”

“This is as good as it’s gonna get. Can we have a popsicle now?”



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