As a mom, I have learned to cut back in many areas to help save money. 

I hardly ever buy anything that isn’t on sale

In this economy, it almost feels criminal to pay full price when there are sales everywhere. I always try to do my part to save money,

1. I consult the weekly grocery ads and do my shopping according to what is on sale. 

2. I clip coupons. 

3. I even go to 4 different stores sometimes just to cash in on the sale benefits (I often wonder if I’m really saving money when you consider the gas to drive to multiple locations just to save 50 cents).

4. In addition to buying on sale, I’m all about a compromise. I will spend money for a nice pair of jeans, but get the knock off shirt at Old Navy, H & M, or an online sale retailer.

There are many things I’m not picky about.  For example, gas.  I’m not a gas snob.  I will get gas anywhere.  I have no particular allegiance to the big orange ball, or don’t care if there is a mini mart inside.  Another thing I’m pretty lax about is drinking water.  Honestly, as long as it is clean, I don’t care.  Just because you see me out sipping from the bottle with the tropical waterfall in the background doesn’t mean I didn’t just fill it up with the filtered stuff on the fridge, get my drift?

But, through it all, there are 2 things I will pay full price for and CANNOT seem to do without: Kleenex and Charmin Ultra SoftI will not compromise what I wipe my butt and face with (all Hot Mamas have to luxuriate somewhere).  I’m sure the Kirkland brands are wonderful, but it’s not for me. 

Someone bought a box of “soft and nice tissue” the other day and when I blew my nose in it, I thought I was going to have an acne outbreak or develop cold sores in my nostrils.  It was harder than a paper towel and stiffer than sand paper.  The Charmin knock off was no better.  You could probably clean up a gallon of milk with one sheet. It’s THAT thick. Hence my dislike for public bathrooms.  I will practically do the pee pee dance from one end of the mall to the car just to wait to get home to the comfort of my ultra soft Charmin.

As a mom, I think we learn to pick and choose our battles. But, when it comes my Kleenex and Charmin, I live it up!

What item can YOU not live without?

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