Kid Tricks

One of the coolest parts about being a mom is teaching your kid “tricks.”

We all do it, whether it’s getting our kid to sing their ABS’s for other moms on a playdate, have them sing Twinkle Twinkle (and do the hand movements…ooh) for adoring strangers at the grocery store, or watch him bust a move at the family reunion.

Well, when Morris was 2 years old, I taught him The Star Spangled Banner. It’s my favorite song of all time and I would sing it to him while I gave him a bath (because he hated taking a bath). This was my way of helping pass the time. So, enjoy Morris’s rendition.


Oh, and excuse the messy kitchen in the background.  Who has time to clean? I’m too busy teaching my kid tricks.

[youtube=]What cool tricks have you taught your kid?


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