My birthday

I celebrated my 35th birthday a couple of days ago.  It started out with a visit from a “friend” I wasn’t expecting to see for a few days. I knew it would be a hectic day with Morris home from school with bronchitis and Bronson teething (are the teeth ever going to come in?).  But, it endied up being one of my best birthdays and I realized it’s because of a combination of little things that made it so special.  To start things off, when Morris woke up, he ushered me into the bathroom to the sight of coral roses (MY favorite color, I couldn’t believe he didn’t get yellow, HIS favorite color) sitting in a sink full of water (thank goodness he didn’t put them in the toilet).  He was so proud that they stayed fresh overnight and even pointed out he used the sink on the right side because the one on the left had toothpaste stuck to it.

I am the youngest of 2 daughters and I have the best family support system.  My older sister lives in LA, but my parents reside in Atlanta.  They still send me Valentine’s Day packages, Easter cards, and birthday gifts.  They really went out of their way this year and enlisted my sister’s help in making sure I got my favorite flowers (fresh flowers are better than Jimmy Choos to me), a haircut (this is more like a makeover since I only seem to grace a beauty salon once a year), a mani/pedi (don’t tell them, but I only got the pedi, bc I took Morris and his patience ran out after he rearranged all the bottles of nail polish by putting the ones that looked like ‘blood‘ in the front), and a new dress. Even though I was turning 35, I couldn’t help but feel giddy like an 8 year old on Christmas morning.

And to top everything off, for the first time in over 5 years, I went out to dinner (away from the boys) with a couple of friends (yes, you read that right). I finally gave myself permission to leave the kids at night and do something for myself (gasp). Ever since Morris was born, I put this unrealistic expectation on myself that in order to be a “good mom”, I had to be with my kids 24/7. Where on earth did I get that craziness from? Why didn’t someone knock some sense into me sooner? I forgot what it felt like to laugh and have fun and not wear my “mommy hat.” I really enjoyed hanging out friends and felt like I got a little part of me renewed.  It was a great start to my new beginning. Happy Birthday to me…

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