The List

In LA, it’s all about being on “the list.”  If you go out to a club, make sure you’re on the VIP list. 

Wanna go to a hot movie premiere? Better be on the list. 

Even with popular preschools, your kid’s name needs to be on the list when he’s an embryo (at least). 

So, if you’re a parent in LA, it’s only natural that there is a list you should be on as well.  Jen’s List, that is. 

It’s a popular email list assembled by super mom (and hot mama) Jen Levinson.   You think you’re busy as a parent?  Jen is the mom to 5 kids, all boys, and 2 sets of twins.  I won’t even try to top that one. Jen is super sweet and is truly a parenting soldier.  She is definitely an advocate for kids and wants to help make us all better parents by providing us with any knowledge she comes across that will help us. Her list contains a wealth of information ranging from kid/family events (fairs, concerts, fundraisers, sales, etc), great baby products/stores, recalls, parenting tips, enrichment classes, shopping discount codes, nannies/housekeepers for hire, and anything else related to parenting.

Her list is like the morning paper for mommies. I start every morning off with a glass of fresh squeezed OJ, and Jen’s List. This is the only 3 minutes out of the day I give myself permission to ignore the kids. Jen’s List is distributed daily to over 7,000 email addresses.  Most of the information is concerning stores and activities in the LA area, but there is plenty of other interesting information that any parent will appreciate.

You think your kid is cuter than the Gerber baby? More talented than Miley? Destined to be the next Olsen twins?

LA talent scouts and casting directors have regular posts for auditions and casting calls.  Some of my favorite posts are the “nanny watch” items. If a parent is out at a local park and sees a nanny smacking a kid around or eating the kid’s popsicle or something, they will submit the post to Jen’s List so the parents can be found and made aware.  

But, the best thing about Jen’s List is that it’s FREE!  So hurry and sign up, it’s a great way to start your morning. Did I mention it’s FREE?!

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