You Wear It Well, Baby

One of my favorite literary publications (US Magazine) has a section called “Who Wore It Best?”  It shows a couple of celebs wearing the same outfit at various functions and the viewers are asked who they thought wore the outfit the best.  Sometimes there are funny “battles” like Heidi Klum vs. very pregnant Salma Hayak.  Who would ever want to be put in a frame next to Heidi, much less pregnant.  That’s just wrong.  But there are some really good ones (like Jenny McCarthey vs. Blake Lively), and some shockers too.  Of course I always root for the mommies.

The other day I put one of Morris’s old onesies on Bronson and I instantly thought of the US Magazine section.  How could a mom judge between her 2 kids?  Of course, I can’t.  I decided I was the winner because having 2 boys enabled me to save my favorite outfits from Morris and pass them down to Bronson.  That’s right, after having to wear all of Mona’s tattered soccer shorts, flowered dresses, and even a shirt with HER name embroidered on it (in soccer balls and basketballs), I vowed never to make my kids wear handmedowns.  Well, that was before I became a parent.  So here is the mom version of US magazine’s “Who Wore It Best.”  Let’s call it, “Yeah, I Wear Hand-Me-Downs.

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