Just another day

At 6:50 AM on the dot I hear, “mom my light is green but I don’t feel good.”

It was Morris and he woke up with a cough.  Despite the fact that I was up every 40 minutes the night before with a runny nosed and teething Bronson, I instantly sprang into action.  I whipped up a bowl of oatmeal with honey for Mo and tried to get him to drink a big glass of orange juice (“I only like sparkling Martinelli’s, mom”). I also throw in a few prunes since he got really constipated last night.

“Mom, does this mean I can’t go to school today?  We are going on  a field trip and I really want to go.”

His class was going to a mini recording studio to record a cd with all the kids singing.  It’s one of the big highlights, and they have been rehearsing for a couple of weeks.  Regretfully, I call the school to let them know Morris is coughing and might stay home today.  They sound disappointed but encourage us to attend later if he’s feeling up to par.

Just as I sit down for a glass of juice, Bronson awakes.  He’s pretty congested, but pleasant. My spirits lift as I admire his resilience.  I can’t believe how perky he is despite not getting much sleep. I’m instantly inspired.  I up my perkiness level a notch.  Mo retreats for a quick game of wii while Bronson has breakfast.  He’s devouring his oatmeal (thank goodness I remembered no honey for the baby). As I’m feeding Bronson I recall past families from school talking about this field trip,

“my son will never forget it”

“my daughter still plays the cd she and her friends made”

“it’s my son’s fondest memory of preschool”

Morris has a great love of music and I insist he is one of the star soprano singers.  They will surely miss him if he’s not there.  I can’t let him miss it.  Thirty minutes goes by and his cough seems to subside.  I’m thinking we might be able to make it.  Surely, Bronson will be fine if he skips a nap, just this once(this is a step for me, I’m a slave to “the schedule”).  After all, yesterday he didn’t take a nap all day, just too uncomfortable with his stuffy nose.

I decide to give it a shot.  Morris gets dressed really fast and we’re almost out the door.

Oops, he forgot to brush his teeth.

Almost out the door, and I realize Morris’s hair is half bed head/half afro.

Almost out the door, but wait, Bronson is still in his pjs, ehh, he’s a cute baby, he can wing it.

Almost out the door, and I forget I’m still in pajamas, haven’t brushed MY teeth, or even used the bathroom (mom is always the last to get ready).

I grab a pair of jeans and the closet shirt (hoping it’s not the same one I wore yesterday), run the toothbrush over my molars, and head out.

“Ah-choo”…oh great, did I just sneeze?

Almost out the door, uh-oh, the prunes have kicked in and Morris has gotta go.

Oh boy, it was a big one and now the toilet is stopped up.  Oh great, and who forgot to replace the toilet paper roll?

The bathroom reeks so bad I can smell it thru my stuffy nose, and we used the last match the other day.  And who moved the air freshener spray?

Even baby Bronson (who is patiently sitting in his car seat as I tote him with me from room to room) turns his snotty nose up as we pass the bathroom.

Of course, the plunger is downstairs, down 2 flights of steps.

Can we just get out of the freakin house already?????

Oh wait, what if Bronson has another blowout today?  I need to replenish the diaper bag supplies: wipes, an extra outfit, and diapers.  Back down the 2 flights of stairs (carrying Bronson in the car seat) and scramble to find the proper supplies.  By now, I’m developing tennis elbow from lugging around the car seat with 9 month old baby in it.

Needless to say, we make the field trip(despite getting in the car and realizing the tank was on “E”), Mo gets to sing a Grammy caliber solo of “Miss Mary Mack” with perfect tone and pitch even Simon and Randy would be impressed.  Bronson is a gem, no blowout or complaints from him.  He simply coos and snacks the whole time with delight. And, I even get to conversate briefly with real live human adults.  Of course we end up talking about kids the entire time, but that’s ok.  We get home and wind down.  I realize I haven’t had breakfast or lunch.  Wait, I didn’t even have dinner last night because after taking an hour to get Bronson to sleep, I was so exhausted I fell asleep practically before my head hit the pillow.  But, I feel good about my decision to take the boys out this morning despite us all not feeling well. Although the boys will never realize the ordeal it was, that’s the way it should be.  My job as a parent is to make their job as kids easy so they can play, have fun, and enjoy being a kid. Ah well, just another day as a mom.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

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