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So, it was the day before “Spring forward” with Daylight Savings time, and Morris woke up at 6 AM. He has this really cool clock called “Teach Me Time!” that you can set at a desired time and when it reaches that time, a special green light illuminates and he knows it’s ok to get out of the bed (it even has one of those robot voices that tells you what time it is when you press the button). If the clock is yellow when he wakes, he knows it’s too early and he stays in bed (usually). So, his green light is scheduled to come on at 6:50 AM.  This is an acceptable time for me to be partly perky and functional by.  But when he woke at 6, I heard him playing super heroes and figured that on the following day, 6AM would be the new 7 AM, so it wasn’t any harm in trying to adjust a day early. But, what is one to do at 6 AM that requires little to no parental participation? Play wii of course.

Morris is happily jamming on his wii to his new favorite game, Lego Star Wars.  Since he normally wakes up at 6:50, He’s usually hungry around 7:15.  No sign of Morris though.  Hmm…I get Bronson out of the crib (his “green light” is set to 7AM, he just doesn’t know it yet) and go in search of Morris.  To my surprise, Morris has amassed quite an impressive point total on Star Wars.  I have to do a double take and realize that he has set his new all time high.  Bronson and I watch him totally mesmerized.  Morris is so engrossed in the game, I don’t even think he realizes we’re in the same room.  Before you know it, it’s 7:40 and he has 911,500 points.

He’s almost at a million points! Now, I cannot stand playing 2 minutes of wii, so a million points definitely seems like rock star status.  All of a sudden I’m cheering Mo on and telling him he HAS to get to a million points.  It’s almost an order, like “go brush your teeth.”  For once in my life, I’m actually rooting him on to play a video game.  Of course, in typical Morris fashion he says, “I don’t want to play anymore.  I’m hungry.”  I must admit I really wanted to see him get to a million points because I had visions of confetti falling from the ceiling, balloons set free in the sky, and fireworks erupting all over Los Angeles.  But, then I realized what a moron I sounded like when I was trying to force him to play wii while he was begging for his breakfast.  Sure hope Social Services isn’t reading this one.  So, another day.


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